Prepare for a SHTF scenario

Here are some pointers for preparing and defending your home during a SHTF.

Home invasions are occurring. It hasn’t happened to you yet, but it has in thousands of households in the United States and worldwide. This is an indisputable fact of life.

Invasions happen for various reasons, but there are several ways to prepare and protect your home against intruder aggressiveness and property destruction.

A restricted budget is suitable in this situation. There are various inexpensive ways to fortify your property.

When you’re rioting or “nestled” by individual crooks out to loot and steal, your home is one of the safest places.

In such cases, aid from authorities may be unavailable or delayed at best, leaving your entire family’s safety in your own hands. Prepare for any potential risks right away!

Home invasion is a serious crime. It happens in the very area where you should feel safe. Your castle is your home; you will feel unsafe anywhere if its purity is jeopardised.

Statistics for home burglaries

Every 12 seconds, a home is broken into either the front or back doors.

According to an FBI source, home burglars target ladies and the elderly who live alone in their homes.

Home invasions account for 38% of all assaults.

Sixty per cent of rapes occur during house invasions.

Avoid regions where riots may erupt.

When riots break out, your family’s safety depends on your location. Rural areas are the least affected, whereas urban residents are the most vulnerable.

Following the riots, looters and intruders will likely target affluent suburbs, upscale residential areas, and financial districts near major cities.

Residents of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Denver’s Highlands, and Brooklyn are most likely among the first victims in the United States.

Identify possible riot epicentres. Large-scale riots can disrupt universities, college campuses, public libraries, historic structures, and government institutions.

Keep in mind that rioters will target symbols of power and wealth. They will demolish costly cars, exquisite dining facilities, upscale hotels, and luxurious apartments.

crook skeleton in suit

Preparers must maintain a modest profile. Avoid creating the appearance that you are from the upper class. Avoid wearing expensive apparel, living in affluent neighbourhoods, dining in posh restaurants, and driving expensive cars.

If you hear about riots in the news, evacuate the city and relocate your family. Consider barricading the door to your parent’s or relative’s isolated residence.

Learn how to prepare for a home invasion.

Knock or ring the doorbell.

Someone knocks on your door, and you answer. You open the door, and the criminal or offenders enter the house. This type of burglary often takes place throughout the day or early evening.


Someone knocks on your door, claiming to be a delivery person, utility worker, injured person, missing person, or other seemingly unthreatening individual, and you answer. When you open the door, either they try to shove their way in, or the perpetrator(s) smash their way in.

Forced entrance happens when an intruder approaches a door and kicks or punches it. Most doors, including those with built-in deadbolts, may be pushed open with a powerful, well-placed kick immediately below or above the knob!


The assailant smashes a door or window lock with a crowbar, screwdriver, lockpick, hammer, or rock before sneaking into the home and surprising the owner in another room.

The burglars take advantage of your compassion. They claim to be injured, have a sick child, or have been involved in an accident requiring medical attention. Inform them that you will be calling 911 to report the event.

Please do not open the door; instead, speak through it. If they’re telling the truth, it doesn’t matter if you let them in. When you call 911, help will arrive, and your front door is an ideal place for them to wait.

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