How to timestamp YouTube videos and create Key Moments
Key Moments arrived to Google search in late 2019. They are a feature that enables expansive, […]
On-page video SEO: how to optimize your video pages
When publishing a new video on your website, there are several considerations you need to take […]
One of the big questions with video SEO is whether you’re better off hosting all your […]
Which is the best video hosting platform for SEO?
Can you tell me which video hosting platform is best for SEO? This is the question […]
SEO news in March 2021: A rise in Google’s zero-click searches
There was quite a bit of discussion about a study that said that nearly 65% of […]
Blog or vlog, which one is better?
A great blog or an entertaining vlog helps you attract people to your site. Both also […]
Yoast SEO 15.9: Performance improvements
Today sees the release of Yoast SEO 15.9 and Video SEO 13.7. In Yoast SEO 15.9, […]
Video SEO: How to rank your videos in Google
We love to watch videos, don’t we? Online video has been booming for years and there […]
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