Yoast SEO 16.6: An internal linking workout for SEO fitness
SEO is just like staying healthy — you have to work at regularly it to keep […]
Yoast SEO 16.5: New Social Appearance Templates
Social media are essential tools in every site owner’s marketing toolkit. It is, however, hard to […]
Yoast SEO 16.4: Full readability and word forms for Czech
Over the years, we talked a lot about the importance of readable texts. We want to […]
One of the focal points of Yoast SEO is getting out of your way. If we […]
<div>Yoast SEO 16.1 & News SEO 12.7: enhancements and fixes</div>
Today, we’d like to welcome another release: Yoast SEO 16.1. In this release, you’ll find a […]
<div>Yoast Local SEO 13.9: Primary location & shared properties</div>
For local businesses, doing well in the local search results is essential. Luckily, the Local SEO […]
Today we released a patch release of Yoast SEO, 15.9.1, to prepare for some of the […]
Yoast SEO 15.9: Performance improvements
Today sees the release of Yoast SEO 15.9 and Video SEO 13.7. In Yoast SEO 15.9, […]
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