4 creative writing exercises to improve your writing
Creating content is essential for SEO. However, if you’re a blogger or content creator of some […]
Why you should use a focus keyphrase only once
Your focus keyphrase is the keyword(s) you want your post or page to rank for. If […]
Mobile parity: does your site offer a singular experience?
You might have heard the term parity before in SEO, or more specifically, mobile parity. It […]
Sometimes, content on your website becomes irrelevant or out of date, and you need to decide […]
Blog or vlog, which one is better?
A great blog or an entertaining vlog helps you attract people to your site. Both also […]
Content SEO is a key part of any SEO strategy. Without content, it’s impossible for your […]
How to optimize your homepage
Does homepage SEO exist? We asked ourselves that in our post on homepage SEO. However, a lot […]
Things are always on the move in the SEO world. Google regularly updates its algorithm and […]
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