How does Google understand text?
On, we talk a lot about writing and readability. We consider it a very important […]
Google’s MUM understands what you need: 1000x more powerful than BERT
Natural language understanding has been a tough nut to crack, but thanks to Google’s continued investment […]
What can Google’s “product reviews update” teach us about “high-quality content”?
In April 2021, Google changed how they assess content which ‘reviews’ products and services. The “Product […]
5 ways to improve your Core Web Vitals
“If only I could simply wave my wand and have a super fast website!” This has […]
Google’s algorithm is amazingly smart and incredibly dumb at the same time
Google is really smart, amazingly smart. The algorithm is very close to reading texts like human-beings. […]
How does Google work? What does Google actually do? For many of you, this will be […]
The latest news in SEO and WordPress: January 2021
Google’s new subtopics ranking, a page builder that’s also focusing on performance and a tool to […]
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