SEO The LSG Way: Cognitive Bias and False Precision in our SERP Mental Model
DAN THAT IS A MOUTHFUL! In another life I was an academic random internet person, deal […]
Should SEOs Regret Focusing on Featured Snippets?
Remember when Google finagled with their system to make it so that you couldn’t double dip […]
(Google Search Console + Regex)|(GSC API)?
  Hey @methode any chance regex filters coming to the GSC Search Analytics report any time […]
Should An SEO Agency Have Salespeople?
  We have never had salespeople. And yet we have grown from one guy working out […]
<div>Your SEO Fire Drill Is Not Our Problem & You Don’t Want It To Be</div>
This is a bit of a self-serving post, but this is an SEO blog so that’s […]
Yesterday afternoon, SEO Twitter was abuzz with the news that SEMRush had filed to go public. […]
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