Are Security Guards or Live Video Monitoring Better?

Are Security Guards or Live Video Monitoring Better?: A live video surveillance service handles all aspects of video surveillance for your organisation, from installation through execution. Businesses that provide live video surveillance work together with their commercial clients to design a video surveillance system that suits their needs and budget. Following that, they instal and monitor the video surveillance equipment in real-time. Live monitoring enables the detection and response to threats in real-time. A speedier reaction time increases the likelihood of apprehending culprits who pose a threat to the business.

Both video surveillance and security guards have their benefits and drawbacks. One alternative is to implement a hybrid system, which combines the best of both worlds. This, however, can be pricey. In general, video surveillance provides the highest return on investment and the most security. This is because the monthly fee is significantly less than the expense of hiring a security guard. After a few months, the equipment pays for itself.

In practice, you may have a camera or many cameras installed on your building site, at an outdoor event, in a warehouse, or on your property. These cameras transmit video footage via a wireless internet connection to a real-time video surveillance centre. It is constantly reviewed for suspicious or unusual activity by skilled security specialists. There are numerous camera kinds available, with features ranging from strobe lights to dissuade burglars to number plate recognition and temperature sensors. Additional security camera functions are available here.

When security guards and CCTV costs are compared, the choice is obvious. As an illustration: A retail centre had security personnel on duty 24 hours a day. The cost per month is $14,000, or $168,000 per year. The expense proved to be prohibitively expensive. The management team need a new store security solution. The management decided to instal video surveillance. The equipment cost $35,000, plus a monthly monitoring fee of $2,000 per month. Perform some simple math. A video surveillance system saves $8,000 over four months as compared to security personnel.

live video security monitoring

What Does It Take to Become a Security Guard?

Remote video surveillance security and video surveillance from US Live Video Monitoring Inc. remote video surveillance security service, video surveillance service, and gate control service for businesses, institutions, and government agencies.

Remote video surveillance security enables you to defend your property without the requirement of a security officer, making you more effective than ever before.

Would you be surprised to learn that security guards outnumber sworn, professional officers of the law? The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, over 900,000 people work as law enforcement officials in the United States.

Home security systems let homeowners communicate worries, photos, and videos with their neighbours, ensuring the community’s safety. The purpose of neighbourhood watch is not to patrol the streets and hold meetings. Rather than that, neighbours will likely share information via safety apps and join similar social networks dedicated to neighbourhood safety. While protecting one’s house is a top priority for individuals around the country, every homeowner can take proactive measures to safeguard their property. By doing a security assessment of their house, implementing common-sense adjustments, and investing in an alarm system, homeowners may feel confident that they have taken steps to safeguard not only their home and valuables but also the people they care about.

According to the 2018 National Retail Security Survey, merchants in the United States lost $46.8 billion in inventory in 2017 owing to shoplifters and dishonest staff. By monitoring stores more effectively than on-site security workers, video surveillance systems assist merchants like yours in reducing losses and protecting earnings. Additionally, video surveillance services outperform unmanned surveillance cameras to detect threats from shoplifters and dishonest personnel in real-time. Capturing thieves and recovering stolen property immediately after a crime is significantly easier than tracing criminals after leaving the shop.

How Live Video Monitoring Became a Viable Security Option

By outsourcing 24/7 video event monitoring to experts, you can boost the protection of your property while lowering security costs:
Intelligent IP cameras with artificial intelligence scan areas for activity and provide notifications when triggered:
Respond to issues in real-time from our video security centre in the United States.

Boost existing security – flexibly deploy resources where and when they are required

Submit a quote request.

The day after an incident of vandalism on your property, video footage is of little use to you or the authorities. Rather than that, our pole and trailer security camera systems allow for live and real-time monitoring, with video footage relayed to our security monitoring station, where certified security professionals visually inspect criminal activity and notify you of security breaches, as well as dispatching police or other local security or emergency personnel. Additionally, you have visual evidence of criminal behaviour that can be used to aid in police investigation and conviction.

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Security Guards Vs. Live Video Monitoring

A year’s worth of video surveillance, including equipment and monitoring, can cost as little as 60% less than the cost of security guards. Everything is captured on video surveillance cameras. The footage gives the necessary evidence. Frequently, suspects are apprehended before they leave the scene. When they are quickly released, the recordings can aid in the capture of suspects. There is no element of unpredictability or human error, as there is with security personnel. The cameras are monitored by qualified security operators stationed in a remote area away from the site. Their lives will never be jeopardised.

In the 2018 national retail security survey, shoplifters and dishonest employees cost US retailers $46. Eight billion in inventory losses in 2017. By monitoring stores more effectively than onsite security guards, video monitoring services assist merchants like yours in reducing losses and protecting their bottom lines. Additionally, video surveillance services can detect an expected retail behaviour known as sweethearting, which frequently goes unreported by managers and security staff. Sweethearting occurs when store personnel purposefully neglect to scan things or intentionally discount items to benefit their family members and friends.

Remote security camera monitoring service at an affordable price from a licenced private security company. 24/7 live video monitoring for home and business surveillance | fire and alarm protection | trained virtual security guards who proactively prevent break-ins, thefts, and burglary attempts.

Additionally, it is frequently referred to as a remote guard replacement. We provide live video monitoring of your location 24 hours a day, allowing you to save up to 70% on onsite security guard costs.

Advanced system, simple use

Security cameras in the modern day have a high resolution. They take colour photographs and some even have night vision capabilities. This information can be used to assist you, your neighbours, and the police in identifying a prowler or burglar. When an alarm is activated, basic security cameras capture still photos. Naturally, more modern cameras record video as well. Indoor or outdoor video surveillance cameras can be installed to secure your entire property. They can be configured to record only when motion is detected for increased efficiency. Owners may monitor and operate their cameras remotely for more control. Online storage is available for video clips taken with wireless cameras.

Additionally, pricing is determined by the size of your organisation and the number of cameras required, the duration of video recording desired, and the features desired, such as video analytics or motion detection.

Security you can count on

live security video monitoringVoice control is rapidly becoming a standard feature in American households. Numerous security systems integrate with popular speech activation hubs such as Amazon Alexa, but experts warn that businesses that embrace voice control will eventually become obsolete.

It is critical to understand the applicable laws regarding residential security systems. Verify that your state or county is in compliance. Apart from the limitations on where and what the homeowner can shoot, there is also the question of audio recording if the device is equipped to do so. Federal and state wiretapping regulations restrict the ability to monitor and record conversations, even those occurring within the house.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior management position and one of the most well-compensated roles in the security industry. These individuals are in charge of establishing and implementing an organization’s cybersecurity strategy and procedures. They are accountable for mitigating and minimising any hazards to an organization’s information technology framework, data, assets, and hardware.


  • Additionally, US Live Video Monitoring has its own data centre on-site. We maintain a three-tiered data backup scheme.
  • This comprises four sectors: Raid Storage – LTO Tape Drive – Secondary Data Center – AWS Cloud.
  • Additionally, we have a dual fibre connection, which is backed up by our Sat-linkTM system.
  • We will not jeopardise your security or financial resources in the case of a catastrophic incident.
  • Our competitors’ data centres and monitoring centres are located in the exact location.
  • We have redundancy by separating our primary data centre, secondary data centre, monitoring centre 1, monitoring centre 2, and corporate headquarters.
  • That’s five distinct locations, all of which are connected by a fibre optic Ethernet backbone.
  • Additionally, see the Redundancy section of this page for information on other significant redundancy programmes.

Video management

A Complete video management platform with advanced alarm management, event, occurrence tracking, and automation of the environment. Via a single system that is dependable, intuitive, and simple to configure and operate. Module for License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Fully integrated automatic licence plate reader solution with our video management system, including automated alarms, warnings, pre-configured actions, statistical graphs, and connectivity with third-party systems.

Capture, remote control, and record computer screens running on Windows. Ideal for call centres, headless server control, and management of third-party software.

Remote video surveillance does have one potential disadvantage, and that is the gadget malfunctioning. If it is ineffective, it will not safeguard your property. When deciding on your organisation’s most appropriate security system, inquire about power outages and malfunctioning equipment. A seasoned supplier will have backup procedures in place to avoid this or transition to another system in the case of a failure. As a result, the company you select must provide a system health check service. In this manner, you can guarantee that the system is operating correctly and that performance and uptime are maximised on a proactive basis.


Live Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Advanced analysis of video
Without the need for video surveillance, live applied intelligence provides preemptive measures for pre-programmed behavioural circumstances, including automatic event and alert production, as well as crucial statistical data for business intelligence applications.

Mobile monitoring

Transform your smartphone or tablet (Android/iOS) into a mobile camera that interacts natively with your video management system and streams photos in real-time to a monitoring centre.

Reports and video clips of occurrences that occur on your property during surveillance hours will be delivered.

Dnt 8ch 8-Channel h. 264 Standalone Surveillance CCTV DVR Digital Video Recorder with eight colour day-night vision cameras, real-time CIF recording at 240 frames per second, remote network monitoring, software, eight-channel simultaneous playback, USB backup/VGA output/8 audio input, support USB mouse control with 500GB hard drive

This research aims to identify and summarise the most significant privacy issues confronting consumers today and in the future. Readers interested in delving more into the topics are encouraged to visit government agencies, public interest groups, industry organisations, and businesses.

1. biometric identification technology The topic’s description. The covert surveillance of thousands of football fans at the 2001 Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida, introduced many Americans to the concept of “biometric facial recognition.” The technology employed was not the typical video monitoring found in supermarkets, shopping malls, and city streets.

Live Video Monitoring Solutions

Numerous housing communities rely on security guards to watch their properties, but these can be costly and provide only a limited level of coverage. Additionally, there are additional constraining factors associated with security guards, such as insufficient training and a lack of confidence in their abilities to accomplish the task for which they were employed. With our live video surveillance solution, you receive a team of operators to monitor your cameras, ensuring that your property is always under the watchful eye of expert specialists.

In remote video surveillance, IP camera systems are used. Ip cameras have high-resolution digital image sensors, an integrated web server, DVR storage, video analytics, a dual image sensor, Power-over-Ethernet connectivity, and low-power operation, making them ideal for remote industrial video monitoring. The cameras are available with one or two image sensors and combine day, night, zoom, and infrared imaging sensors. With an intelligent IP camera design, remote video systems can support from one to n cameras. The built-in web server on the camera offers simple integration with video monitoring systems.

The technology is at the heart of SmartLiveView® and US Live Video Monitoring. Over the last 15 years, the foundation of SLV® analytics has changed. It is a collection of software instructions embedded in our CCTV engine and consumes very little CPU power.

Unlike all other monitoring firms on the market, we do not outsource the processing of our alerts to third parties. Our competitors employ standard alerting. To eliminate false alarms, they must feed all video footage to enormous server farms to process the millions of alarms generated per customer per night. These delays, of course, put your business and assets in danger.

By altering the way the actual NVR creates alarms, SLV eliminates all false alarms. As a result, USLVM agents may follow an object from the moment it enters the property and notify local authorities of the intruder(s)’ precise location on the property.

All other systems detect movement by detecting changes in pixel values. SLV groups and classifies the movement, obviating the need for error notifications at the source

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