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Weapons of Mass Destruction RSIS Reports: Update on Iran’s Total Near 20 Percent Enriched Uranium Stock : Nearly E nough for a B omb, if Further Enriched 1
Mar 11, 2014 – New data in the February 20, 2014 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards report allow for a more accurate determination of Iran’s total stock of near 20 percent low enriched... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: The Iran Primer- Centrifuges: Key to Final Nuclear Deal
Mar 10, 2014 – In any nuclear deal, Iran will have to limit the number of centrifuges it uses to enrich uranium, a process that produces fuel for both peaceful nuclear energy and the... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: Case Study - Chinese National Sought High-Strength Carbon Fiber for China
Mar 5, 2014 – On October 18, 2012, the United States Federal Court in the Eastern District of New York indicted Ming Suan Zhang, 42, of the People’s Republic of China, on charges of... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: Changes Visible at Parchin Nuclear Site Why Parchin Matters to a Final Deal
Feb 25, 2014 – In December 2013, ISIS published an Imagery Brief showing, with high resolution commercial satellite imagery, that no significant alterations had taken place at the Parchin military site. However, as the... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: Additional Centrifuge Plants: Update
Feb 24, 2014 – In November 2013, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reached agreement called the Framework for Cooperation which established a step-by-step process to address the IAEA’s outstanding concerns about... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: Update on Lashkar Ab’ad: Iran’s Laser Enrichment Capabilities
Feb 24, 2014 – On February 8 and 9, 2014, the International Atomic Energy (IAEA) and Iran held technical meetings within the Framework for Cooperation that was agreed between the parties in November 2013.... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: ISIS Analysis of IAEA Iran Safeguards Report
Feb 20, 2014 – The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released on February 20 , 2014 its report on the implementation of NPT safeguards in Iran and the status of Iran's compliance with security... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: Maintaining at Least a Six - Month Breakout Timeline : Further Reducing Iran’s n ear 20 percent Stock of LEU
Feb 17, 2014 – Under the interim steps implemented in the joint Plan of Action (JPA), Iran agreed to dilute half of its stock of near 20percent low enriched uranium (LEU) hexafluoride to below... Read the rest

RSIS Reports: Background Information on the Exploding Bridge Wire Issue : A Crack in the Door?
Feb 12, 2014 – On February 8 and 9, 2014, the International Atomic Energy (IAEA)and Iran held constructive technical meetings within the Framework for Cooperation that was agreed between the parties in November 2013.Iran... Read the rest

RSIS Report: Defining Iranian Nuclear Programs in a Comprehensive Solution under the Joint Plan of Action
Jan 20, 2014 – This report discusses the necessary provisions of a comprehensive solution regarding Iran’s nuclear program that the P5+1 and Iran will seek to conclude over the coming months as outlined in... Read the rest

Global Research: UN Weapons Inspector: Syria Chemical Weapons Were Fired from Rebel Held Territory
Jan 17, 2014 – But U.S. Is Still Calling for Regime Change The head of the UN weapons inspectors said that the American case for Syrian government firing chemical weapons was weak, because the... Read the rest

RSIS Report: Update on Fordow Centrifuge Site: Future Uncertain
Jan 13, 2014 – One of Iran’s most contentious nuclear sites is the Fordow enrichment plant buried deep under a mountain, near the city of Qom.  Few believe that this site, constructed in secret,... Read the rest

RISIS: Iran’s Critical Capability in 2014: V erifiably Stopping Iran from I ncreasing the N umber and Q uality of its C entrifuges
Jul 17, 2013 – Iran is expected to achieve a critical capability in mid-2014, which is defined as the technical capability to produce sufficient weapon-grade uranium from its safeguarded stocks of low enriched uranium... Read the rest

CRS: Arms Control and Nonproliferation: A Catalog of Treaties and Agreements
Jul 15, 2013 – Arms control and nonproliferation efforts are two of the tools that have occasionally been used to implement U.S. national security strategy. Although some believe these tools do little to restrain... Read the rest

RISIS: Update on the Arak Reactor
Jul 15, 2013 – Despite the delays and problems in procuring essential equipment abroad and making fuel domestically, Iran is currently expected to finish the Arak reactor. However, additional delays in commissioning are expected.... Read the rest

RSIS: Myanmar Government Must Close Down Military Ties with North Korea
Jul 5, 2013 – On July 2, the Obama administration announced sanctions against a Myanmar general who heads the country’s missile research and development facility because of continued military related purchases from North Korea.... Read the rest

CRS: Mixed-Oxide Fuel Fabrication Plant and Plutonium Disposition: Management and Policy Issues
Jun 25, 2013 – The Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MFFF) in South Carolina is a key component of the current U.S. strategy for disposing of surplus weapons plutonium from the Cold War. Under... Read the rest

CRS: Ballistic Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region: Cooperation and Opposition
Jun 24, 2013 – The growing number and modernization of ballistic missiles in the Asia-Pacific region poses a security challenge for the United States and its allies and is thus a concern for many... Read the rest

RSIS: Can Rouhani Deliver a Nuclear Deal? Can he be Trusted?
Jun 19, 2013 – Almost a decade ago Iran’s new president-elect, Hassad Rouhani, held the position of chief nuclear negotiator for Iran. If Rouhani is again to take up the nuclear dossier—this time as... Read the rest

CRS: U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues
Jun 14, 2013 – During the first Obama Administration, Congress reviewed the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review, the 2012 New START Treaty, and funding plans for the U.S. nuclear enterprise. Specifically, even though the United... Read the rest

CRS: Syria’s Chemical Weapons: Issues for Congress
Jun 14, 2013 – The use or loss of control of chemical weapons stocks in Syria could have unpredictable consequences for the Syrian population and neighboring countries as well as U.S. allies and forces... Read the rest

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Background and Current Developments
Jun 10, 2013 – A ban on all nuclear tests is the oldest item on the nuclear arms control agenda. Three treaties that entered into force between 1963 and 1990 limit, but do not... Read the rest

RSIS: Case Study - United States Busts Likely North Korean Transshipment Scheme
May 24, 2013 – The U.S. Justice Department recently announced the arrest of a Taiwanese father and son for allegedly conspiring to export U.S. machine tools that could be used in the production of... Read the rest

RSIS: Burma Reiterates its “No-Nuclear-Weapons” Commitment
May 24, 2013 – After igniting international concern regarding its possible nuclear weapons intentions over the past several years, Burma (Myanmar) on May 19, ahead of a planned meeting with President Obama, reaffirmed the... Read the rest

RSIS: Iran Laying Asphalt at the Suspect Parchin Site
May 22, 2013 – Iran continues to conduct activities at the suspect Parchin site that will further complicate the verification work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  According to the IAEA’s report, “Iran... Read the rest

RSIS: A Dangerous Nexus: Preventing IRAN - SYRIA - NORTH KOREA Nuclear and Missile Proliferation
Apr 15, 2013 –   Good afternoon and thank you for this opportunity to testify before the Subcommittees on the proliferation challenges posed by Iran, Syria, and North Korea and the threats posed by... Read the rest

Next Steps in Nuclear Arms Control with Russia: Issues for Congress
Apr 10, 2013 – In his 2013 State of the Union Address, President Obama stated that the United States would“engage Russia to seek further reductions in our nuclear arsenals.” These reductions could include limits... Read the rest

RSIS: Stopping an Undetectable Iranian Bomb
Mar 27, 2013 – Washington and its allies must insist that Tehran verifiably stop increasing the number and quality of its centrifuges. Iran’s nuclear program dominated last week’s meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama... Read the rest

RSIS: Preventing the Suppression of Uncomfortable Truths on Iran’s Nuclear Program
Mar 7, 2013 – Yousaf Butt’s recent op-ed in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists about the February 13, 2013 ISIS ring magnet report and a related Washington Post article contains false information, assumptions, innuendo,... Read the rest

RSIS: Basic Attack Strategy of Stuxnet 0.5
Feb 28, 2013 – Symantec has recently established that an earlier attack strategy of the malware Stuxnet involved the secret closing of a set of valves in six of 18 cascades in a module... Read the rest

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